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Sumfood is a start-up that wants to change the world. The current food system is broken and we think the world can do better.

We are a group of dedicated data, food and business professionals based in New Zealand.

We are mobilising a community of consumers who care about food; where it comes from, how its produced and used. We provide information, knowledge and resources to consumers. We listen to consumer concerns and, working with producers, we share this information to enable producers to make better choices and prevent waste and illness. People are getting sick from poor food practices, and huge amounts of food and resources are being wasted around the globe.

We gather understanding from our community who provide us with information about what consumers want or need, and from our data scientists who have developed a system to predict when food issues might arise for both consumers and producers. Join the Sumfood movement and help the world do better.

Latest News

Burp and slurp

Posted on Jul 14, 2019

The sound and texture of food often have as much to do with the enjoyment of eating as the taste; and, often, the way with which we enjoy food is culturally determined. While we would venture to say that universally, everyone wants to get that last bit out of the milkshake container, and while slurping soup in Shanghai is encouraged, slurping your tea in Kensington is very much frowned upon.

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Conscious protection

Posted on Jul 10, 2019

The most conscious shopper can make decisions about the packaging they buy, the distance their food travels, or can choose against buying overfished stocks. But yet, we lack the power to know exactly how our food gets to us. The food chain, to this day, is only transparent where it is convenient for it to be so. So, can we look to the law to protect us from making decisions that are only based on potentially biased information provided to us as consumers?

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Would you eat that?

Posted on Jun 30, 2019

The annual IFT Conference is always a showcase of the new and innovative, and this year was no different. Around 16,000 food industry folk wandered through the doors of the convention centre in New Orleans to be impressed, intimidated, or inspired. The Expo stretched for what seemed like miles – around 1,000 exhibitors touting all sorts of wares – new flavours, ingredients, testing and monitoring ...

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